Types of training programs

Individual training programs

These programs are provided through training plans developed by the performance appraisal company, to suit all levels.

Contract training programs

These courses are held on demand to meet the training needs of a particular institution depending on the objectives of the institution that it seeks to achieve.

List of training programs

Administrative and leadership programs and self-development.

Human resources and training.

Public Relations and Media.

Secretarial and office management.

Accounting and finance software.

Sales, marketing and customer services programs.

Legal programs, contracts and tenders.

Purchasing, Warehousing and Logistics.

Engineering, technical and maintenance programs.
Health, safety, security and environment programs.

Oil and gas programmes.

Environmental safety programmes.

Development investment for non-profit organizations

Project design in non-profit organizations

Marketing nonprofit projects to the donor community
Project management in non-profit organizations
Monitoring and evaluation of projects in non-profit organizations
Measuring the impact of projects in non-profit organizations
Quality Management for Non-Profit Organizations
Managing remote work teams in non-profit organizations

Reputation management in nonprofit organizations

Develop endowments for digital development projects

Remote work as an area of qualitative economic empowerment for non-profit organizations
Telemedicine as an area of qualitative medical intervention for non-profit organizations